The content marketing explosion [Infographic]

The content marketing explosion [Infographic]

It’s no secret we think our friends at the online marketing agency Blueglass are pretty smart. Heck, we’re the premier sponsor of their upcoming conference.

So when they acquired Voltier Digital, a boutique agency specializing in content marketing, we took notice.

Content marketing is growing as an Internet marketing discipline, spurred by Google’s hunger for unique, quality content and consumers’ desire for brands that bring them value. Companies are shifting more of their budget toward content development as marketers begin to realize that engaged customers create more effective opportunities for driving sales and promoting brand loyalty.

As big brands like Coca Cola and American Express shift their marketing efforts toward content development, innovative companies are recognizing the power of content marketing and preparing themselves to stay ahead of the zeitgeist.

Learn more about the evolution of content marketing and the impact it’s having on the internet marketing industry in the infographic below, put together by Blueglass. And if all the awesome data overwhelms you, just focus on the cameos by adorable Blueglass mascot Charlie.


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