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3 Marketing Agency Reports That Impress Clients

3 Marketing Agency Reports That Impress Clients

At Raven we practically breathe reporting.

Marketers use Raven to craft more than 70,000 reports every month, so we get a huge look at how marketing agencies across the world communicate with their clients. Our customer education team answers thousands of reporting questions. And our internal marketing team uses Raven to analyze and report on the success of their campaigns.

So you might say we know a thing or two about great reports.

There are countless ways to report on a marketing campaign, but the essential ingredients are the same. A good marketing agency report includes:

  • Metrics that matter to business goals
  • Context for what are good and bad numbers
  • Down-to-earth explanations of what's happening

Find out how to build three marketing agency reports that you'll need to woo and keep clients.

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