How to Set Up a Creative Commons License for Google's Image Search


How to Set Up a Creative Commons License for Google’s Image Search

Google recently announced an update to their Image Search that allows you to filter your results to only display images with a Creative Commons license. For those who target Image Search, this update provides an excellent opportunity to get more exposure from their search results.

After researching the images they display in their filtered results, I’ve determined that you only need a reference to a Creative Commons license. What’s interesting is that the reference doesn’t even need to be close to the image — it can be placed anywhere on the page.

The simplest way to create a Creative Commons license for your images is to use the Choose a License form on the Creative Commons website. The first step is to answer whether or not your image can be used commercially, and then if it can be modified. Select the jurisdiction, specify the format of the work (in this case, it should be Image), enter a Title for the image (include descriptive keywords), and then leave an Attribution name. Lastly, click on the Select a License button.

Creative Commons Choose a License Form

Choose the image you want to display and then copy and paste the HTML onto your page. Although it isn’t necessary, in addition to pasting the HTML code, it would behoove you to make the the ALT attribute for the referenced IMG element the same as the Title of the work in the Creative Commons license.

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  • Jon Henshaw

    Harsh, I totally agree!

  • Harsh Agrawal [SML]

    I find this feature pretty useful, though the no of clicks is too much, they should have added some direct option from Google image search page instead of advanced search.