How to Extend Your Blog and Promote Your Members with the MyBlogLog API

How to Extend Your Blog and Promote Your Members with the MyBlogLog API

We were lucky enough to get access to the MyBlogLog API (Web Service), which is currently part of an invite only beta. The API allows you to pull public information associated with your blog visitors and members and then integrate that data into a custom feature or service. We thought of several ways we could use this service, but settled on the creation of a “Blog Members” directory for our first project.

The Blog Members directory was designed to showcase and promote all of the active MyBlogLog users that are members of the Raven Blog (via MyBlogLog). We also wanted to use the traditional sidebar widget to reward our most active members. So here’s what we created!

Active Member Widget

The Active Member widget can display as many members as you want. We chose four, because we didn’t want to use up too much vertical space, but you could show ten or more members if you wanted. We included a large badge to encourage visitors to join our blog on MyBlogLog. We also included a link at the top of the widget that takes the user to the Members list page.

MyBlogLog Active Member Widget

Blog Member Directory

We built a Blog Member Directory that lists all of the MyBlogLog users that are members of the The Raven SEO Blog on MyBlogLog. Similar to the widget, it lists the members in order of blog activity. We added a “Recently visited the blog” message that appears beneath the member’s name and you can click on any member username to view their Member Profile Page.

MyBlogLog Blog Member Directory

Member Profile Page

Our favorite part of the MyBlogLog Web Services implementation was the Member Profile page. We were able to list and link to all of the social networking services that were identified in the member’s MyBlogLog profile. In addition to listing and linking to their social networking profile pages, we also used the Twitter, Digg and APIs to pull in recent messages, links and bookmarks. Ian Kennedy’s profile page show off the profile features very well.

MyBlogLog Active Member Widget

PHP Wrapper Class for the MyBlogLog API

Since we’re (Sitening) an open source Web development shop, we mainly use PHP for our programming language. We needed a PHP wrapper for the MyBlogLog API, so we made our own. We also made it open source so everyone else can use it too. It’s available on Google Code at

Jon Henshaw
Co-Founder and President

Jon is the Co-founder and President of Raven Internet Marketing Tools.

Jon is the Co-founder and President of Raven Internet Marketing Tools.

  • Brian Chappell

    Really cool guys, impressive!

  • Steven Bradley

    Wow! Very nice. The member profile page is great.

  • hazan

    to use this plugin i shoud be a register as a developer who can use mybloglog API? – what for?

    I dont understund the configuration of wordpress plugin (there are many problem)

  • Jon Henshaw

    @hazan, I think the only problem is that this plugin isn’t right for you. If you can’t read directions and don’t know how to register for something and cut and paste text, you should definitely stay away from this plugin.

  • Jesse Thomas

    thanks so much for this.

  • hazan

    I know how to register as developer but i asking why i need it?
    Or maybe i don

  • Jon Henshaw

    @hazan, the plugin was designed to use the MyBlogLog API. As it is with many APIs, you need need to have an account to authenticate who you are and to gain access to the API’s data.

    Why you need an account to get access to their API is not a question for me, it’s a question for MyBlogLog. Regardless, you will still have to register with them and request access to their API if you want to use the plugin. Also, it’s supposed to be available to everyone next month. So you shouldn’t have to wait long.

  • Blacksheep

    Some users say “how bad is it”, they spend about 10 minutes and they give up. It is a great service