Five Reasons Why You Should Run a


Five Reasons Why You Should Run a “Do Follow” Blog

Why is the Raven blog a “Do Follow” blog? The short and simple answer has to do with rewarding our blog community. There’s too many high quality comments that don’t deserve to have their links “no followed” in the comments.

Running a “Do Follow” blog does take more effort. You have to be more vigilant about the quality of comments left on your blog and you have to give greater scrutiny to external links.  The list includes plugins and guides for WordPress, Blogger/Blogspot, Typepad and Moveable Type blogging platforms.

Five Reasons for Running a “Do Follow” Blog

Although I’ve already touched on some of the reasons why it’s best to run a “Do Follow” blog, here’s my full list (feel free to expand the list in the comments).

  1. It encourages quality people to leave quality comments
  2. It rewards quality commenters for their participation
  3. It improves search engine performance (if you follow the comment policy below)
  4. It helps you grow your RSS subscriptions and builds a better blog community
  5. It facilitates the purpose of linking, instead of crippling it with “No Follow”

“Do Follow” Comment Rules / Policies

Running a “Do Follow” blog does take extra effort, which is why you should have a few comment policies. These are the policies that we use on Raven.

  1. If your external link isn’t related to the genre and focus of SEO, SEM, search marketing, etc…, we will remove your external link from your comment.
  2. If your external link goes to a website that is questionable in any way — no PageRank, spammy, etc… — we will remove your external link from your comment.
  3. If your comment is unrelated to the blog entry, abusive or outright spammy, we will remove your comment.

After you change your blog to a “Do Follow” blog, make sure you use spam blocking services, like Akismet, you should be able to effectively manage the amount of spam that will pass through your blog.

Thanks to Randa Clay for the “U Comment / I Follow” badge.

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