How to View and Report Google Analytics Goals in Raven

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How to View and Report Google Analytics Goals in Raven

If you’re tracking Google Analytics goals, you can also display and report this information within Raven.

Once you have set up your goals in Google Analytics, head over to Raven and go to Campaign > Google Analytics.

Select Tool Options in the upper right corner and then “Customize Tool.”


Click the checkbox to enable Goals and then click the green “Submit” button. The goals that you have enabled for that website in Google Analytics will appear in Raven.

Also, if you are tracking Ecommerce in Google Analytics, you can display that in Raven as well by ticking the “Enable” check box under the Ecommerce heading and selecting your currency from the drop-down menu.

Back at Campaign > Google Analytics, to the left of the date range you’ll see a drop-down menu where you can view any of your Goals or Ecommerce.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 1.58.21 PM

To report on this data in the Report Wizard, just choose the name of a goal or select the Ecommerce option from the conversions drop-down in a Google Analytics module.


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