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Good: Funny 404 Error Pages. Great: Profitable 404 Error Pages.

A 404 Page Not Found error usually is the last thing you want your site to serve up. But what if visitors being served a 404 error aren’t guaranteed to leave your site in frustration? Good 404 pages display a bit of personality or lighten … Read More

Old SEO, meet new SEO: How to get buy-in for modern marketing

Marketing moves fast. The SEO strategies that win today – creating high-quality content, focusing on the metrics that matter to clients and investing in digital PR – are often far different than what’s come before them. Next-level marketers and SEOs know what it takes to … Read More

How to do an SEO site audit like a boss

The No. 1 rule in SEO is to check your site for on-site search engine optimization problems. The reality is that no matter how amazing your webmaster is, there’s a 99.9% chance your site will still have some problems. Visibility is usually at the top … Read More

What SEOs need to know about website navigation

It doesn’t get talked about as much as links or on-site issues, but being able to navigate around a website is incredibly important when it comes to SEO. No user wants to click on a site only to get lost trying to find how to … Read More

Marketing voices, part two: The changing metrics of SEO

When it comes to Internet marketing, things are constantly changing. In the second half of our roundup of marketing opinions, we’ll focus on how SEO is evolving when it comes to strategy, metrics and quantifying your success. Meet the marketers Mike Arnesen: Blogger and senior … Read More

16 marketers on the metrics that matter

If you can’t measure your efforts and explain your results, you’re going to have a hard time justifying your marketing work. Raven recently published a resource that looks at 28 SEO Metrics and how to use them to communicate the success of marketing campaigns – … Read More

On the ‘optimization’ part of SEO

You’ve seen the articles. SEO is dead, linkbuilding is dead – everyone is ready to bury SEO right along with bulky computer towers and link farms. But SEO isn’t anywhere close to death. Those stories simply perpetuate rumors in pursuit of the cheapest form of … Read More

How to measure and report social SEO metrics

As search engines work on getting “social search” just right and Facebook moves into the search game with Graph Search, there’s no doubt that this will be the year of social SEO – using social media to reach your SEO goals. But how do you … Read More

Anatomy of a search-optimized photo gallery

You got the memo. Google Panda loves it some rich content like big, unique images. So you went out and got those big, beautiful images and wrapped them in a lightbox or carousel style gallery, and it’s so cool you’ve got bruises from patting yourself … Read More

Focus on the SEO metrics that matter

Here’s the sort of thing SEOs used to sell to clients: “We’ll get you on Page 1 in Google for your keyword.” Here’s the sort of thing SEOs used to report to clients: “You’re ranking 2 on Page 1 in Google for your keyword.” Things … Read More