10 web tools for making quote photos


10 web tools for making quote photos

I’m a word person.

Although I’m married to a brilliant designer and surrounded by many visually-oriented friends, I can’t design my way out of a paper bag.

But even I can see the writing on the wall: photos are the new headlines. We can’t stop Pinning, Tumbling and Instagramming images – and audiences love them.

So what’s a word person to do in an image-crazy world? Make photos out of words, of course. Quotes and sayings are wildly popular on visual networks and can add life to even the densest blog posts.

I set out to find the best web-based resources to help me make quote photos. These are the nine ten best tools for creating fast, easy and great-looking images from text for blog posts and social media. Here’s my review of each, along with a sample image I created from each tool.

1. Pinwords


  • Website: Pinwords
  • Price: Free
  • Quote styles: 4 readymade background choices and the ability to upload your own photo, 6 caption styles, 8 fonts, unlimited font colors.
  • Post options: Share to Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or send via email
  • Can I keep the photo? Yes, right click or drag image to desktop
  • Pros: With the ability to upload your own image (or use an image via URL) and move text around, Pinwords has a good ratio of ease to control
  • Cons: More readymade background choices would be nice
  • Extras: A Pinwords bookmarklet, but it seems to only function to pin existing images, not help create new ones.

2. Pinstamatic


  • Website: Pinstamatic
  • Price: Free
  • Quote styles: Six different styles for quotes; four for “sticky notes”
  • Post options: Share to Pinterest
  • Can I keep the photo? Yes, right click or drag image to desktop
  • Pros: Ability to create an image out of a Twitter handle, Spotify song, event or location. You can also create a website snapshot or upload your own photo.
  • Cons: Not many built-in ways to share your images, though you can grab the image to take action on your own
  • Extras: None

3. LiveLuvCreate


  • Website: LiveLuvCreate
  • Price: Free
  • Quote styles: Tons of readymade backgrounds and the ability to upload your own photos. Bonus: You can also pull in your Facebook images directly.
  • Post options: Share to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr
  • Can I keep the photo? Yes, right click or drag image to desktop
  • Pros: Lots of extras like borders, effects and Instagram-like filters
  • Cons: This tool almost overwhelms with all its potential. The app does offer some tips on making a good image.
  • Extras: None

4. Quozio


  • Website: Quozio
  • Price: Free
  • Quote styles: 28 different choices
  • Post options: Post to Pinterest or Facebook or share via email
  • Can I keep the photo? Yes, right click or drag to save as image or choose “keep” to collect in app
  • Pros: Simple and fast – you can’t mess this one up
  • Cons: Not much control over fonts – you can only choose from pre-made options
  • Extras: “Quote with Quozio” bookmarklet allows users to highlight text on any web page and create a graphic.

5. ReciteThis


  • Website: ReciteThis
  • Price: Free
  • Quote styles: 42 different pre-made templates
  • Options: Share to Tumblr, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Facebook or Twitter or email
  • Can I keep the photo? Yes, via permalink or download
  • Pros: A variety of sleek, sophisticated templates
  • Cons: Really big watermark on images
  • Extras: None

6. ProQuoter


  • Website: ProQuoter
  • Price: Free
  • Quote styles: Lots! I scrolled through at least 40 different styles with no end in sight.
  • Options: Share to Pinterest, Google Plus, Twitter or Facebook
  • Can I keep the photo? Yes, right click or drag image to desktop
  • Pros: Large variety of quote styles, simple to use
  • Cons: There’s no real rhyme or reason to the styles Proquoter provides and no way to see all your options easily.
  • Extras: ProQuoter bookmarklet and a WordPress plugin.

7. Quote4Fun


  • Website: Quote4Fun
  • Price: Free
  • Quote styles: 27 different fonts, customizable font size and placement, and a color wheel for background and font colors
  • Options: Share to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, StumbleUpon or Pinterest
  • Can I keep the photo? Yes, click download button
  • Pros: The ability to add popular meme images is a unique feature
  • Cons: No readymade backgrounds; only the option to add one black-and-white image to your photo
  • Extras: Nope

8. QuotesCover


  • Website: QuotesCover.com
  • Price: Free
  • Quote styles: Scroll through many font choices and color schemes. You can upload a photo to create a background and add some effects to it, but if you don’t do that there’s not much happening with the background
  • Options: This one’s a little different. You get options to create a Facebook cover image, a Google +, a “viral image” in a few different shapes, wallpaper background or even a print.
  • Can I keep the photo? Yes, you’ll be prompted to download the image when you’re finished.
  • Pros: Ability to make images in square, portrait or landscape format is really convenient.
  • Cons: Some of the font combinations seem to smush the words of the quote together, and some of the options, like the brush tool and line tool, were a little too advanced for my project.
  • Extras: None

9. Share as Image Pro


  • Website: Share as Image
  • Price: $8/mo for Share as Image Pro (free limited, watermarked version)
  • Quote styles: Drop-down menus for font and font size and a color wheel allow for endless customization choices
  • Options: Share to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Pinterest
  • Can I keep the photo? Yes, right click or drag image to desktop
  • Pros: This tool definitely offers the most control as far as customizing your image.
  • Cons: It’s the only tool that isn’t free. Text has to be highlighted from an existing web page. And for the less design savvy among us, choosing the right color combinations can be tricky.
  • Extras: The “Share as Image Pro” Chrome extension is super slick.

10. PicMonkey


  • Website: PicMonkey
  • Price: Free for basic plan, or $5 a month for the Royale plan
  • Quote styles: 50+ fonts; endless effects, overlays and textures for total creative customization.
  • Options: Share to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr or email
  • Can I keep the photo? Yes, click the Save button up top at any time.
  • Pros: This is more of an image editing tool that also happens to allow you to add text (in addition to a million other features). So if you’re in the market for one of those, this one is easy to use with lots of functionality.
  • Cons: You’ve got to start with your own photo to work with this one, which is kind of frustrating given all the cool backgrounds and textures PicMonkey offers. It would be nice to be able to use all of it with a clean slate, too.
  • Extras: You can also create photo collages with PicMonkey

Did I miss any great tools for making quote images or text photos? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to my list.

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  • Thank_You

    Great stuff! I love picture quotes. I know http://www.curatedquotes.com lets bloggers use their images with attribution.. They’ve got a lot of creative ones I’ve used… But sometimes it’s hard to find the one you’re looking for.

  • RavenCourtney

    Arienne Holland
    Communications Director, Raven

  • ashutosh

    thanks.I found this one suitable.

  • Anna Almori

    New Quote and Meme Maker built using latest technology like HTML5 should also be added which is very fast and easier – http://55apps.com

  • RavenCourtney

    Wow, looks cool! I signed up to check it out. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Foxy

    Canva is my new favorite design site. free and very user friendly

  • eka badlishah

    Thank you so much for sharing! However, I;m still looking for the app that they use in making quotes together with some hand draw/writing on it. I’ve found some some photos on Instagram which I really attracted to. Somebody help me pls. Thanks you so much

  • RavenCourtney

    You’re welcome! Honestly, I’ve ended up using lots of them for various needs.

  • Elissa

    Thanks for this! Still not sure which tool I will use, but I’m very happy to see the pros and cons of each.

  • RavenCourtney

    You’re very welcome!

  • Symma

    Thank you! This is amazing! :)

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    Thanks; will check it out.

  • RavenCourtney

    You’re welcome! Glad it’s helpful.

  • Alexei

    Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for

  • RavenCourtney

    Yes, I finally got around to doing a proper review of it. I liked it, too!

  • Jeremy Rivera

    Oh! I was used to coming to the bottom of the post for your notes where it was listed, didn’t see it’d been promoted :P

  • RavenCourtney

    Hey Jeremy, it’s #9 on the list. Or do you like it so much you want me to add it twice? ;)

  • Jeremy Rivera

    Should re-add http://quotescover.com/ to the list – I use it weekly!

  • RavenCourtney

    Glad it was useful!

  • Nikki Stevens

    Thank you! I I love these tools, I’ve bookmarked this page for future reference!

  • ej

    Seems there is control, given ability to add and drag and drop text boxes and change font size and colour within each one?

  • RavenCourtney

    Wow, so it has. I’ll have to check that out. Thanks for the heads up!

  • http://www.facebook.com/zerospree Codrin Pavel

    http://quote4fun.com has been rebuilt from scratch. No control over how your images look anymore :) Some feedback over it would be greatly appreciated!

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    Your profile pic is adorable! Just thought I’d say what’s on my mind! lol

  • RavenCourtney

    Awesome! Let me know which tool you like the most. :)

  • vaporizer

    Awesome tools Courtney! I have got a ton of textual image ideas now from your post here, and it seems as though I have my work cut out for me today! thanks again!

  • RavenCourtney

    That’s one of our favorite things to hear at Raven Tools. :) You’re very welcome!

  • Alix

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You have just given me back many hours of my life (not to mention saved my sanity!) :)

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    Added! I really like this one a lot. So glad you let me know about it!

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    You’re welcome. ;-)

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    Maybe recitethis would be a nice addition to your great list:


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    You’re welcome! I think I came across Pixlr Express but ruled it out when I had to upload a photo. Hope one of these works for you!

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    Thanks from me too. I’ve been using Pixlr Express to put words on photos but it not easy. I’ll be trying all these out.

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    Awesome Courtney – thanks for sharing Ive been looking for a simple solution to put text on photos and images