21 PPC articles to bookmark now

21 PPC articles to bookmark now

Jon Henshaw is an SEO guy through and through. Taylor Pratt is all about actionable metrics. Courtney Seiter can plow through some social media like a mule on steroids, and Alison Groves is speaking about customer care at the New York Social Media Club this very day. I preached quality content before content got itself some strategy and marketing.

Basically, we know a lot about a lot.

But in the categories of SEM, PPC and online advertising, we turn to the experienced pros for education. And by “turn to the experienced pros,” I mean we Googled “great PPC bloggers.”

What we got was Tom Demers’ list of The Best PPC Blogs, an outstanding resource that Boost CTR published in February 2011. Not only did we find many sources to add to Google Reader, we found posts we’re bookmarking.

You should, too.

  1. The One Minute AdWords Account Diagnosis: Actionable? Quick? Check and check. Certified Knowledge has tons of great “how-to” posts, like this one designed to increase an account’s exposure in (yup) one minute by running some snappy diagnostics on budget, quality score and bid prices.
  2. PPC Blog’s Greatest Hits: OK, so this is kind of cheating as this “post” is basically a directory of a million great posts from PPC Blog, organized helpfully by type. But with advice on everything from PPC consulting to Facebook ads to landing pages in one spot you better believe we bookmarked the heck out of it.
  3. How Social Media Affects Paid Search: A thoughtful, hype-free look by ClickEquations at the emergence of new social signals like Google’s +1 (it was written pre-Google+ but the data is still relevant) and the effect they could have on PPC, particularly local and mobile paid search.
  4. 3 Google Tools That Can Help Boost AdWords Campaign Performance: Along with up-to-date news and trends on SEO, Search Engine Land also shows some regular love to PPC. This post focuses on how your campaigns can get a leg up with Conversion Optimizer, AdWords Campaign Experiments and Google Insights for Search.
  5. Will New Gmail Ad Formats Be Totally Worth Dating, Engaging, Marrying & Having Babies With?: That headline. Come on. Via Search Engine Watch
  6. 3 Great AdWords Tools You’ve Probably Never Heard Of: What can we say? We love tools and tool tips. This post from Search Engine Journal focuses on some lesser known tools including Microsoft Advertising Intelligence, Tenscores Manual Bid Optimizer and Jumbo Keyword Editor.
  7. Starting an AdWords Account from Scratch: PPC Hero is in the middle of a smart 5-day series that claims to get you going with AdWords in under a week. Topics in the series include basics everyone can use like creating keyword lists, campaign structure basics and effective ad writing.
  8. What Every AdWords Advertiser Should Know About Quality Score—The Ultimate QS Improvement Guide: RedFly Marketing’s blog is home to this incredibly thorough resource on one of the most fretted-over elements of PPC: the elusive Quality Score. Helpful charts, videos and outside source citations galore provide plenty of insight.
  9. Does Google Promote What They Preach? Critiquing AdWords Login Images: Comprehensive fun-poking by Aaron Levy at SEER Interactive. Read, laugh, share.
  10. Black Hat PPC Techniques: In case you’re wondering. (Not endorsed by Shawn Livengood, although we love that he wrote about them at PPC Without Pity.)
  11. An Economic Model To Determine the Price of a Marketing Consultant: Not only will David Rodnitzky make you laugh out loud, you’ll learn a thing or two, too, at his Blogation blog. Like, say, how much to charge for your PPC services.
  12. Announcing the AdWords Performance Grader: Find Out How You’re Doing on AdWords and How to Improve for Free: Nifty free tool by the WordStream folks (and you SEOs will appreciate the well-chosen anchor text and links in this post). You’ll need to provide a name, email address and phone number, but when you need an instant PPC audit, you need an instant PPC audit.
  13. Display Advertising’s Sea Change: It’s About Audiences, Not Publications: Andrew Goodman’s Traffick think-piece about how cookies and customer behavior are making sites that Google advertisers thought irrelevant, in fact, relevant.
  14. The Power of Message Match: Repeating images and words in your ads and landing pages is about more than branding; it helps conversions, too. Don’t miss the link to the in-depth case study from Ion Interactive in this post.
  15. What Exactly Is a Long Tail Keyword?: Alan Mitchell thoughtfully explores the factors that could define a long tail keyword at his Calculate Marketing blog. Fair warning: there are many.
  16. PPC Chat Streamcap—Client Reporting: Reading a Twitter chat transcript is an exercise in controlling your ADD, but this recent one at The PPC Blog has extremely helpful tips for client reporting. One gem: “Make reports so that if anyone at anytime reflected back upon them (mos. or yrs later) they could still understand.”—Amy Hoffman (Raven’s new Google AdWords management and reporting feature makes this super simple, FYI.)
  17. How To Bag Budget for Search: Money, money, money. Whether you’re working in SEO or PPC, you’ll need it. This post, Imelda K’s SEMBooty followup to a panel session at SMX West, gives straightforward advice for getting money from management. Also: learn why missed opportunities can get you more money.
  18. List of Popular Chinese Websites: Now, this is just handy. Brought to you by Gordon Choi.
  19. How Facebook Ads Can Help Your Next Google Display Campaign Strategy: Greg Meyers of SEMGeek compares Facebook Ads to throwing yourself into a NASCAR track—you can test an idea quickly and know which ads perform in hours, not weeks, before you keep spending money. Targeting is the key here.
  20. How to Change Keywords to +Broad +Match +Modifier Using Google AdWords Editor: It’s not only the SEOs of the world who are looking to save time with their keyword lists. In this post, PPC pro James Svoboda of Web Ranking Search Marketing Blog shares a quick four-step process for converting a long list of Google AdWords keywords into broad match keywords (with a nifty little education on what broad match keywords mean in Google AdWords, too). He says it has saved him countless hours.
  21. That Is The Wrong Question: When is it a good thing to decrease site traffic? When you’re paying for irrelevant clicks. John W. Ellis talks about the first questions he asks clients when he’s taking over a PPC campaign on life support.

What have you read lately that is worth bookmarking?

Arienne Holland

Arienne has spent 20 years in communications, ranging from graphic design to journalism to PR to marketing and formerly Raven's Director of Marketing and Education.

Arienne has spent 20 years in communications, ranging from graphic design to journalism to PR to marketing and formerly Raven's Director of Marketing and Education.