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Yammer Me This

While I’ve been laid up in bed today with a bad reaction to the 6MP drugs I just started taking (a wiki link for the science nerds out there!), I’ve managed to stay in contact with all of the office happenings with the new inter-office social networking tool we’re using, Yammer.  The great new program allows you to have secure conversations within your company that only anyone with your company’s email address can see and join. Think of it as Twitter for internal purposes. While at the moment we might be using it mainly to tell everyone it is Downstairs Alyson’s birthday and we are all going to La Paz for lunch to celebrate, we’ve also created hashtags and groups so that people know the status of projects and clients all in one place.

Yammer also makes it super easy to keep up with the flow of information via an Adobe Air based desktop application as well as an iPhone app. Now anything I want to know about the goings on at Sitening, I just look down in the bottom left hand corner of my monitor. Yammer keeps me up to date on everything I should know, even laid up in bed seven miles away.

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