Wrapping up #Ravenchat

Wrapping up #Ravenchat

We held our first-ever #Ravenchat Nov. 30, and if you weren’t there, you missed out! It’s always fun for us to talk to our super-smart customers and help them dive even deeper into Raven Tools, but it’s even better to watch them talk and share with one another.

Below, you’ll find a timeline of all the favorite features, time-saving tips and wish list items our chatters mentioned. But before we get there I wanted to pull out a few items that came up during the chat.

1) Yes, we have an iOs app for the iPad and iPhone!
The Raven iOS app for iPhone and iPad provides an on-the-go dashboard for all of the website campaigns you’re managing in Raven Internet Marketing Tools. You can use it to check the status of any campaign, which includes data from site analytics, rank checking results, link building progress, social mentions, and goal conversions. Go get it!

2) Yes, Raven integrates with Basecamp!
Raven Tools integrates Basecamp project messages into Raven’s own messaging system. Raven users can collaborate on interdepartmental or team Basecamp projects without leaving the Raven system—whether or not colleagues are using Raven.

OK, that’s better. Read on for highlights from #Ravenchat, or see the whole thing here. If you’d like to see more Twitter chats, G+ Hangouts, etc., let us know!