WordPress Plugin Released for Raven Analytics Tracking Code

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WordPress Plugin Released for Raven Analytics Tracking Code

It’s always nice to debut new software that’s related to Raven’s Internet Marketing Tools. However, it’s even better when someone else has written it!

WordPress, a content management and blogging platform that we absolutely love, has an excellent plugin architecture that makes it easy for developers to extend its functionality. We had the fortune of having Thom Meredith, unbeknownst to us, create a WordPress plugin for Raven’s tracking and analytics feature. Thom is a great graphic designer and you should definitely check out his design portfolio. I had no idea he could code until he created this plugin!

Since our tracking code is similar to Google Analytics, the only unique part of the code is the ID number. When you install the Raven Analytics WordPress Plugin, it simply asks for the ID number and then automatically inserts the tracking code into your blog. It’s easy to install, and like most WordPress plugins, is free.

Download Raven Analytics WordPress Plugin


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