Win a free pass to SES San Francisco Aug. 15-19

Win a free pass to SES San Francisco Aug. 15-19

Quick: What does search and social marketing conference SES San Francisco have in common with moustaches? It’s … not actually a riddle. We were kinda hoping you would know.

Here’s the deal: We have an extra all-access pass to SES and want to give it to you (provided you can, you know, get there on your own and not starve and have a place to stay and stuff).

How to win a ticket to SES San Francisco

All you have to do to get the ticket is find Raven Tools on Facebook, check out the SES Giveaway tab and tell us whether you would be attending SES with a moustache* or not. Kind of like these hip folks.


The only catch to play is that you can’t already be registered for SES. The answer that makes us laugh the most wins the ticket.

Frequently asked questions

We’ll now answer some questions you might be asking yourself right about now:

Q) Huh? What the hell kind of contest is this?

A) Just go with it. Jon made it up. The conference is totally worth it.

Q) But Raven, what if I am a lady?

A) No matter! See above photo. This is a look that has potential for you.

Q) This is a big decision. How long do I have to consider it?

A) Not very long! The deadline to enter is 1 pm. EDT on Friday, July 29th. We’ll notify the lucky winner Friday afternoon!

Now, this conference is awesome, and the pass is worth more than $2,500 (!) so you’re gonna wanna bring your A-game to our moustache party.

Moustache Party!!

If you wanted to post pics on our Facebook wall, we wouldn’t be opposed to that. (Though the power of Facebook compels us to note that this is not an official part of the contest.) We just want a good home for our ticket, and a cheap laugh.

*If you don’t have a ready list of moustache types in your head, here is a helpful starter list.