Why Webfor loves Raven Tools

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Why Webfor loves Raven Tools

Managing SEO clients’ expectations is a delicate—but critical—process for retaining clients. Recently, Webfor president Kevin Getch explained how research, education and communication are his foundation for keeping clients satisfied.

In that post, Kevin mentioned a couple of the Raven tools that he uses to educate clients, but he wanted to talk more about his Raven favorites.

Who are we to keep someone from saying nice things about us?

Kevin Getch SEO Webfor
Kevin Getch, SEO and president of Webfor.

Which Raven tool do you use most often?
Link Manager and SERP Tracker. Assigning and inspecting links and monitoring our clients’ and their competitors’ placements in SERP Tracker are two fundamental aspects of delivering results.

Which Raven tool saves you the most time or money?
Link Manager. It has streamlined our link building processes and given us back our sanity. We can catalog our link building efforts, assign link opportunities to our link builders and monitor when a link goes live or if there are any changes to it. That has saved us tons of time and money.

How does Raven fit into your team’s workflow?
Raven has allowed us to simplify the process from beginning to end. We use Raven tools for research, creating proposals, link building, social media, SERP tracking and reporting.

Do you have any secret tricks with Raven Tools?
Not so secret, but if you are working to bring on a potential client, adding them into your Raven account along with some of their main competitors provides you with a great visual for your presentation (very valuable if you’re meeting online). It also provides you with some keyword history and link data as a baseline if you bring them on as a client.

How long did it take you to become a Raven Tools whiz?
I caught on pretty quick, but I am continually learning new and helpful tricks from the webinars.

And now for the fun stuff…

If you’re stranded on a desert island, what three things do you bring with you?
A sailboat, my wife and an industrial sized margarita.

Seven Sacred Pools, courtesy of HawaiiWeb.com

What’s the most beautiful place you have ever been?
Seven Sacred Pools in Maui. If you find yourself in Maui you will not want to miss taking “The Road to Hana,” which has many beautiful and interesting stops along the way, but my favorite by far is the seven sacred pools or, as the locals call it, Oheo Gulch. The Seven Sacred Pools is truly a paradise. There are seven waterfalls that cascade into one another until they finally reach the ocean. The view is beautiful, and you can actually swim in the pools and jump off the falls if you’re feeling froggy.

Who is your hero?
Too many to list all, but here are a few: My mother, Nelson Mandela, Joan of Arc, Anne Frank, Dale Carnegie and many more… They have all inspired me in one way or another.

iPhone, Blackberry or Droid?
Droid. I’m Google’s Bitch.

Kevin Getch owns Webfor, an agency that offers SEO, SEM and web design services. Webfor works exclusively with one client per industry in their target market, and the company’s clientele ranges from local dental practices, law firms and contractors to larger nationwide companies from many different industries. Follow @Webfor on Twitter or like Webfor on Facebook. Email Kevin Getch at kevin@webfor.com.

Arienne Holland is the Director of Marketing and Customer Experience at Raven. She divides her time between outreach, writing, teaching and understanding developers. Before Raven, Arienne spent more than a decade as an editor and graphic designer for Gannett. She was a 2010 Pulitzer Prize Finalist for team breaking news journalism. She likes bread, books and bourbon.

More about Arienne Holland | @RavenArienne

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