Why We Don't Tell People How to Do Their Job


Why We Don’t Tell People How to Do Their Job

There is one thing that you won’t find on our site, and that’s how to do your job. While it’s tempting to be the company that provides tools, services, and also teaches you how to do Internet marketing, we feel the negatives outweigh the positives.

Similar to our attitude about a tools company doing services, we made the decision a long time ago to not position ourselves as a source of education. We feel strongly about this, and here are the reasons why we made that decision.

You Know Best

Raven wasn’t simply built from our own ideas, it was (and still is) designed through a collaborative process with our users. That process has included feedback from small, medium, and enterprise level agencies and in-house marketing departments. It’s also a process that has strived to understand the unique needs of each company, and then solve the problem of providing tools that can be used by all users, regardless of how they approach their marketing campaigns.

Simply put, we are more focused on building better tools, than trying to convince you that we know more about SEO than you do.

We Will Be Wrong

There are so many unknown factors that influence ranking, that it’s virtually impossible to state strategy as fact or solid scientific evidence. Even if our own correlations worked well in our own studies, it doesn’t mean it would replicate well for anyone else. The variables are simply too diverse to come to any conclusions, other than hypothesis, quasi-theories, and new ideas to test.

The other problem with the fact that we will be wrong, is that it can isolate us from our own customers. If we have customers that have a different philosophy and approach towards Internet marketing – one that has been quite successful for them – why would we want to position ourselves against them? Furthermore, what if our advice or so-called expertise, if put into practice, harms their campaign? It’s a dual-relationship we have no desire to pursue.

It Can Taint Our Motives

If our goal was to both teach you, and provide you the tools, then that would directly influence our motives. For example, when we held educational seminars, it would be in our best interest to align our preferred strategies with our tools. It would also affect how we make the tools. Instead of listening to you, we would really be listening to ourselves, regardless of what we stated publicly.

For us, telling people how to do their job, while also trying to promote our own tools, blurs the line between true teaching and self gain.

Learning to Do Your Job

If you’re new to Internet marketing, then there are excellent beginner and intermediate resources that are available. Here are just a handful of places to start:

Once you get a good grasp on the basics of Internet marketing, it’s time for you to do your own learning. You do that by:

How We Will Educate

With all of that being said, we will educate you on how to use our software. We are about to release a new User Manual, we’ll be launching a weekly webinar series very soon, and are making changes to improve the overall help documentation within Raven. We are committed to doing our job, and enabling you to do yours better.

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