Why Raven is sponsoring BlueGlass LA

Why Raven is sponsoring BlueGlass LA

Raven Internet Marketing Tools is excited to be the top sponsor for this year’s BlueGlass LA conference (April 23 and 24).

Our friends at BlueGlass have recruited top-notch speakers and put together excellent sessions. There are still a few tickets available, and today is the last day of early bird registration.

What made us choose BlueGlass LA over the many other events where we could have invested sponsorship dollars? It’s part science and part gut feel.

Here are the criteria we consider when evaluating sponsorships:

  • Sponsor position
  • Audience size
  • Event quality
  • Influencer participation
  • Cost

Sponsor position

Our goal is to be in the top tier, preferably No. 1 or No. 2, with every sponsorship opportunity. Visibility is important, but it’s not the most important reason.

Top sponsors can be more creative in how they approach the event and use it to support their overall marketing goals. In short, event organizers listen to and work with top sponsors.

We already have a couple of cool ideas planned with BlueGlass, and I’m certain we’ll think of a more between now and April 23. You don’t get that opportunity when you’re No. 5 or 6 on the list of sponsors.

Audience size

We’ve attended most of the big Internet marketing events around. Some have been successful; some not so much.

Our goal this year is to invest in smaller events where we have the opportunity to participate and meet a lot of attendees. In fact, we’ve switched half our budget to events with fewer than 350 people versus large conferences.

Event quality

Are the event organizers trying to pack the room and keep costs down? Or are they committed to making the event a good experience for the attendees and sponsors?

BlueGlass LA definitely falls in the latter category. It’s far from cattle call. The location is iconic. The overall program (sessions, meals, parties, etc.) puts as much as emphasis on networking as it does on content. And participants have great access to the speakers.

As a marketer, you can easily tell when people have recycled an old idea and when they’ve put together a thoughtful package. This is where Loren, Chris, and the entire BlueGlass team excelled. The sponsorship package was simply great in that it covered the big points (e.g. promotion and branding) and had a few unique touches that we appreciated.

Influencer participation

Every industry has influencers. We want influencers in Internet marketing to know about Raven on some level.

BlueGlass LA earns two gold stars in this category. First, it features some of the best people in the industry. The second star is for influencer access. They’re not behind a velvet room or in a green room. Now we’re talking about an experience versus an event.


Cost is last on the list. We can make a case for just about any cost if the opportunity has the right value. By the same token, Raven is not going to sponsor an event just because it’s cheap.

We’re not going to reveal the budget other than to say it’s per day cost is in line with other sponsorships we’ve considered.

Add it all up, and…

The decision was easy for Raven.

We saw great opportunity and value in the BlueGlass LA sponsorship because we could check all the right boxes, and the cost was in line with expectations.

Raven is also a top sponsor of Social Media Explorer’s five-city Explore tour this year. Originally, we planned to sponsor just the Nashville event but quickly realized sponsoring the entire tour was a better value. The exact same criteria helped us reach that decision.

Smart decision-making is what we’re all about at Raven. You too? Find out how we give you the data you need to do more. Sign up for a free 30-day trial today!