Where’s Raven? May edition

Where’s Raven? May edition

Last month, we stayed close to the nest to be all hands on deck for the launch of our new user interface and website. I’m extremely proud of both projects, and I hope that you are enjoying using the updated tools. We took an afternoon to celebrate, and now we’re back at it with lots going on in the month of May.


May finds us in New York City twice, where we’ll be exhibiting at two brand new (to us!) shows. Also, Arienne Holland heads to Minneapolis to absorb the latest in content strategy.

May 5-6: PRSA Digital Impact. The Public Relations Society of America holds several great conferences during the year, highlighting different aspects of their industry. The Digital Impact conference plans to cover analytics and measurement, along with social media relations and community building. I will be manning our booth along with Taylor Pratt, and we’re looking forward to meeting some new folks in the public relations industry.

May 9-11: ConFab 2011: The Content Strategy Conference is the brainchild of BrainTraffic, a content strategy company founded by CEO Kristina Halvorson. This is the first year for this conference, but it’s already sold out with a closed waiting list, so we know it’s going to be good. Arienne will be roaming around and doing some live blogging; email her if you want to meet up.

May 25-26: BlogWorld & New Media Expo. BlogWorld is pretty famous in conference circles, and we’re excited to be exhibiting at their New York City show. The lineup of speakers they have is impressive. We’re expecting a lot of good things to come out of this show.


We are happy to be participating in OneXtraPixel.com’s second anniversary celebration by giving away two months of Raven Pro access to three people. It looks like they’ve got a ton of other cool things to give away, so if you’d like to enter for a chance to win a few free months of Raven, as well as an iPad 2 (natch), then head on over to OneXtraPixel.com and leave a comment on their anniversary blog post.

Guest blogging

Taylor Pratt, our VP of product marketing, has a guest blog post up this month at Search Engine People. In his post, Taylor covers getting the most of our of your SEO team. Since Taylor comes from a large-agency background, this is a subject right up his wheelhouse.

If you’re looking for guest authors for your blog, just let us know. Many of us here enjoy writing on various subjects.

Final note

I had the distinct pleasure of working very closely with a few of our developers as we were rolling out the new user interface. One of our biggest concerns when putting it together was making absolutely sure that it would not affect our users who white label the platform. In testing out how the white label settings would transfer over, I asked our developer Greg Jones if he could make it as “ugly” as possible. Here’s what he came up with:

Hope you get as much of a kick out of it as I did.