Where’s Raven? May 2012

Where’s Raven? May 2012

raven-foursquareMay is the rare month you’ll find all Ravens at home in Nashville, perhaps playing IRL foursquare on the roof of our new office. —->

But while we won’t be traveling, we’ll still have plenty on our plates this month. By now, you’ve already heard a bit about our upcoming new Contact Relationship Manager for SEO and social media marketing.

Early this month, we’ll be putting the finishing touches on this Raven upgrade and getting it rolled out to you. Then we want to hear from you!

Here’s where else you can find us.

In webinars

As usual, you can connect with us any week during our popular walkthrough webinars that offer an overview of the entire Raven platform, with live question-and-answer sessions. These webinars take place every Thursday at 11 a.m. CST (GMT-5).

Look for a future webinar focusing on Raven’s new CRM features as well. We’ll let you know as soon as that’s announced.

To see the latest webinar sign-ups, visit the webinars section of our customer care page. (You can also look here to find the archived version of any webinars you might have missed.)

At Ravenchat

For our May Ravenchat, we’re pumped to welcome Ross Hudgens as our special guest. Ross is SEO Manager at Full Beaker Inc. and is well known for being a “big thinker” when it comes to SEO and the link building process.ross-hudgens He writes frequently on his link building blog, and his work has also been featured on SEOMoz, AOL, Search Engine Watch and more. He can also be seen speaking at SEO events across the country.

He’ll be joining us May 23 at 3 pm CST (GMT-5) for Ravenchat to talk about SEO tips and trends, scalable link building and how to make the most of your Raven account. Follow him @RossHudgens and then follow along with the #Ravenchat hashtag on May 23!

On social media

You can always talk to us on our official Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn pages. We love hearing from you! We’re also collecting cool, funny and interesting Internet marketing stuff on Pinterest, too.

And most days, you can also find the whole flock of Ravens on Twitter.

Marketing People (we tweet a lot)

Support Posse (they answer your questions)

Developer Nerds (they make our tools work)

Product Dudes (no idea what they’re up to)

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