Where’s Raven: August 2011 edition

Where’s Raven: August 2011 edition

July was a busy time on the home front for Raven as we introduced our brand new online advertising tools. If you haven’t had a chance to check them out yet, I highly recommend it. I think people will not only love the reporting, but also the capability to truly manage your Internet marketing all from one platform.


MozCon was so much fun!

Last week I also attended MozCon, which was a fantastically run event with really great presentations. Congrats to the entire SEOmoz team for putting on such a wonderful event.

Here is what’s ahead for August:


We’ll be back out on the road this month hitting up SES San Francisco. We attended this conference last year, where we handed out our infamous Matt Cutts stress balls. This year we’ll have some of our new T-shirts to give away. We will also walk you through our new advertising tools if you ask. We’ll be at Booth No. 421. Ever curious about where we’re going to be, conference-wise? Our Customer Care center always has the details on our whereabouts.


  • Before we jet off to San Francisco, I’ll be making a quick trip to New York City to speak at the New York Social Media Meetup. One thing that is rarely covered in the social media world is how it relates to customer care, so I’ll be taking folks through how Raven handles customer needs socially. I’ll also explore other ideas that many not work best for Raven, but that could be be great for your company. If you’re in the New York City area on Aug. 10, feel free to join us.
  • Taylor will be speaking at SES San Fransisco on Competitive SEO Analysis. The session begins at 3 p.m. on August 17, and Taylor will be joined by Chris Boggs from Rosetta, Michael Hayward from ROI Labs and independent consultant Richard Zwicky. The session will cover onsite and off-site competitive analysis, and competitor monitoring.


  • August 9: Raven walkthrough. There are many tools within the Raven platform, and they all work together to help you research, manage, monitor and report on your Internet marketing campaigns. We will take you through a general overview of all of the tools within Raven. Sign up now!
  • August 23: Raven’s Advertising tools. Earlier this month, Raven released our new advertising tools, to assist those who are not only managing organic marketing but PPC as well. Using Google AdWords, Raven can easily connect to your account for seamless advertising management and reporting. Sign up now!