Where’s Raven? April 2011 edition

Where’s Raven? April 2011 edition

We’re constantly on the move at Raven, literally and figuratively. We wanted to keep everyone up to date on all of our happenings, so this monthly blog series was born. You’ll hear about what’s coming down the new features pipe, the conferences where you can find us roaming the halls and where else out there in Internet sandbox one or more of us is playing.

Project Unity

At Raven, we constantly work on new features and updates for our platform. While that’s great news for our users, it has also resulted in a somewhat cluttered user interface (UI). We’ve been working several months to fix that problem by creating a more intuitive and minimalist UI that we’ve been calling Unity. Here’s a sneak peek!



We’ve reached the final stages of implementing Unity into Raven, and for that reason we’re not exhibiting at any conferences this month. It’s all hands on deck to prepare and launch our brand new UI. We will be back out on the road in May, though; in fact, April is only one of two months this year we aren’t traveling extensively.


So… we have this really great, comprehensive plan for webinars showcasing new features, settings and tools of Unity that help you manage your Internet marketing campaigns… but we can’t host the webinars until Unity is live!

Stay tuned for webinar schedule news. In the meantime, if you have questions about learning or using the Raven system, support@raventools.com.

Weapons of Mass Marketing

Today Taylor and Jon have a brand new episode of Weapons of Mass Marketing airing on WebmasterRadio.fm at 1 p.m. EST / 10 a.m. PST. They will tackle what just about everyone has been talking about recently: Google’s +1. The guys will also discuss the impact Internet marketers can expect in PPC, SEO and social media marketing, as well as make predictions for about Google’s next steps in the development and implementation of +1.

Guest posts

Finally, Taylor will be guest posting over at Search Engine People and Search Engine Journal this month. Look for his SEJ post to run on April 11 and keep an eye on Twitter for information about SEP.

Update 4/5/11 2:09 p.m. CST: Oh, the vagaries of Internet publishing… Taylor’s SEP post went live today. Read The Keys to the SEO Sales Pitch: Preparation and Clarity.