What It's Like When Your Marketing Software Changes

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What It’s Like When Your Marketing Software Changes

At first, you log into your account like normal.


But then, everything in your Raven account looks totally different and you’re like:


After all the waiting … and waiting…


The new Raven is finally all yours to explore.


First you check out the sweet new vertical navigation. (Don’t worry, all the tools you know and love are still there.)


Then you see all the new data Raven added to your Google Analytics metrics, including Advanced Segments and Geo Cities. (Um, not that Geocities.)


You might find a few surprises in our highly anticipated rankings tool – there’s Bing data, too.


Dig those new colorful charts and section guides?


Basically, all of Raven’s tools got a big upgrade to make it easy for you to focus and get down to work.


And when you find out that the more responsive design paves the way for a future fully mobile web app?


If you’re a solo user, you might feel like this after checking it all out:


If your whole team uses Raven, maybe it looks more like this:


Either way, we hope you love the new Raven. Now excuse us while we go enjoy an office-wide dance party:




But if you’ve got any questions about all the new stuff, let us know at support@raventools.com (you can also join us for a short webinar tour). We’re happy to help. That is, before we take a long nap.


So what do you think of the new Raven? Let us know by posting your thoughts or photos (sadly, Disqus doesn’t play nice with animated GIFs) in the comments. Can’t wait to hear from you!



P.S. Not a Raven customer yet?


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Courtney Seiter wrangled a smart, savvy community of Internet marketers as Raven's first Community Manager. She moved on from Raven in January 2014, but her social media and writing advice stands the test of time.

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