What’s new at RavenTools.com

What’s new at RavenTools.com

Psssssst: there’s a new RavenTools.com.

We like it because it looks good, there’s a lot of really cool code behind the scenes and it’s easier for us to update as we add new tools. Most importantly, it delivers fast, easy answers to your questions about Raven Internet Marketing Tools.

Raven Internet Marketing Tools

New Raven Internet Marketing Tools Home Page

You’ll like it because . . .

1. New screencasts

Raven Tools Screencasts

Screencasts of Tools

Our User Experience Manager Alison Groves figured users would have a better experience if they understood key features of Raven Tools. You’ll find her new, simple screencasts helpful as a quick introduction to important tools.

Having a hard time selling the value of a new Raven Tools account to your colleagues or management? Head over and sign up for one of our weekly walkthrough webinars.

Find screencasts of individual tools their individual pages, such as SERP Tracker or Backlink Explorer.

Very soon, we plan to add all of the screencasts to the Support page.

2. Simplified Plans & Prices page

Did we:

  1. highlight our most popular plans?
  2. answer our most commonly asked questions?
  3. keep side-by-side comparisons of all our plans with a full feature list?
  4. add a downloadable PDF of the full feature list?
  5. make it look better and easier to use?
  6. do all of the above?

You know the answer.

3. Fan feedback

Sure, we have affiliate partners who work hard to let people know about Raven Tools.

But we also have straight-up fans who love to talk about us. And neutral techies who review our software system like they review all others. We made a home for those folks on the new RavenTools.com. Did you write about Raven Tools, or review our system, but we missed it? Please let us know — and remember to include a link.

4. Contact us

Have you seen us at SES, SMX, ThinkTank, Ad:Tech, PubCon or any number of other conferences or events? We’re always on the go, but like most crazy-busy multitasking machines, we’re always checking in on our customers.

That why we simplified our Contact page — just tell us what you need and hit “send.” We’ll read your email and respond. It’s as simple as that.

If you just HAVE to send us a present in the mail (we accept all gifts of latest-and-greatest Apple products or Monty Python boxed Blu-Ray sets), we listed the addresses of our Nashville, Tenn. headquarters and our Austin, Texas satellite office.

5. About us

About Us Raven Internet Marketing Tools

Learn things you never knew you wanted to know about Raven Tools and people who work here.

6. HTML5, CSS3, Typekit, WordPress 3

Just read this post by Jon Henshaw.

7. It’s purty

Raven Tools is in the business of making our customers’ lives faster and easier, and this site had to do the same thing.

It’s bold — and friendly. It’s professional — but not staid. It’s streamlined — but says a lot. It’s minimal and clear and easy to navigate. Most of all, it’s on message with our growing company’s goal: make it faster, make it easier, make sure it’s in sync.

It’s also a work in progress. Isn’t everything?

Let us know what you think.

Arienne Holland

Arienne has spent 20 years in communications, ranging from graphic design to journalism to PR to marketing and formerly Raven's Director of Marketing and Education.

Arienne has spent 20 years in communications, ranging from graphic design to journalism to PR to marketing and formerly Raven's Director of Marketing and Education.

  • Mike Wilton

    Digging the new layout. The tag cloud raven is pretty sweet. Best upgrade has to be the About page though. I think you need to work on the beer and taco consumption though. LOL

  • Jon Henshaw

    The pie chart…it does not lie!

  • Jan van Vlimmeren

    Not too sure about the red with white drop shadow links on the gray background. It actually makes my eyes heart.

    Other than that it’s a nice refresh of the site.