What’s in Your Word Cloud?

What’s in Your Word Cloud?

The Online Marketing Blog is a regular internet haunt of mine because of the consistent quality posting of search related content. Often one of the issues directed at search related content, and in particular search related blogs or sites, is that the content is regurgitated. So, to put that to the test, Lee Odden ran the top search marketing blogs through a word cloud creator Wordle.

The results are stunning, in more ways than one. The word visualization is presented really well by Wordle, but the insight it gives you into the content on a particular blog makes the tool extremely useful. However, note that the results are a single day snapshot of the homepage, not the entire site.

Our word cloud is below.

Wordle: Raven Tools

Take a moment to run Wordle on your own site and let us know what your main words are in the comments.