What Technology Companies Can Learn From Apple


What Technology Companies Can Learn From Apple

At Sitening, we’re strictly an Apple shop — we use Macs in every part of our workflow. Several of us yesterday were watching a live feed of Steve Jobs’ Keynote speech with keen interest, “oohing” and “aahing” as the feed was updated with shiny new products. This led me to ponder what we could learn from the man who only wears a black turtle neck and blue jeans.

Be Innovators

Whether it be a new SEO tool, new optimizing technique or new product, being an innovator in your field can garner you some attention. Take the MacBook Air as an example. It has blown away the competition by becoming the thinnest, and now one of the most lusted after laptops on the market today.

Be Unique

Standing out from the crowd could make the difference between a good or bad year for your SEO business. If you’re new to the field, you need to make a big impression or attempt to do something remarkable that hasn’t been done before. If you’ve been in business for several years, take stock of where you are and what you can do to reinvigorate your business. Taking some time to brainstorm and think of unique and new ideas can add years to your business and make a significant impact on your profit margin.

Be Marketable

Apple’s marketing reputation and brand is recognized worldwide — this is no coincidence. When you see the apple with a bite taken out of it, you instantly associate it with the Apple product. Create a strong brand, whether it be for online promotion, website material or business cards, that people will remember.

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