What optimization means with Raven Tools

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What optimization means with Raven Tools

The term “optimization” gets thrown around the Internet marketing industry in just about every blog post, proposal, white paper — everywhere. (Just yesterday, I wrote about my list of ultimate conversion optimization tools.)

Typically, “optimization” is used to describe making a specific type of marketing more efficient, but when it comes to Raven Tools, our goal is to optimize every aspect of your online marketing. From managing workflow to getting more from your data, Raven optimizes Internet marketing.

Your marketing team

Getting more out of your marketing team means better results, happier clients and, ideally, more money in your pocket. Raven Tools’ SaaS system maximizes team efficiency and communication.

Team members can access and share the same important performance data quickly. Since everyone works with the most up-to-date dataset, you can rest assured that your team is making important campaign decisions with complete information.

Because you or a designated a team leader can assign tasks and set up data alerts, your team can be easily managed and informed. Keep track of which assigned tasks they’ve completed to make sure you’re always in the loop. And because any team member can see what his or her colleagues have done, too, there’s no wasted time on duplicate work.

Your data

What’s better then a system that shares data across your team? A system that goes above typical data collection for you — with just a click of a button.

For example, Raven Tools can automatically display traffic data for keywords for which you’re tracking search engine page rankings, determine which keywords are getting the most links built with the keyword as anchor text and tie together your Google Analytics and Facebook Insights.

One of the goals of Raven Tools is to cut down on the labor involved in data mining. With Raven Tools, instead of spending time manually compiling data from various sources, your team can focus more on value-added marketing tasks.

Your reporting

Almost as important as the results, the way you report your data is critical. Clients and management have high expectations for the thoroughness and presentation of data. They want to be able to understand quickly how your marketing campaigns are performing on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.

Raven Tools does all of the heavy lifting for you. With Raven Tools’ easy reporting system, you can quickly compile reports and have them automatically run and emailed to key parties.

For those hands-on clients and bosses, you can create read-only access accounts for them so they can check in on the campaign at their convenience. You can even control which websites, profiles and tools they have access to.

So the next time you’re looking for a way to “optimize” a component of your Internet marketing campaign, consider what you could be doing to optimize your entire campaign with Raven Tools.

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