What Makes Google's Search Engine Tick?


What Makes Google’s Search Engine Tick?

“User, meet Google.”

“Google, meet user.”

The inner workings of the Google algorithm are a closely guarded secret; but if we take a little time to understand the processes of the search engine itself, we can gain useful knowledge which we can use for future SEO campaigns.

At the GoogleGuide there is an intriguing article by Nancy Blachman which explains the search process, beginning with you, the user.

Google runs on a distributed network of thousands of low-cost computers so they can carry out fast parallel processing. This process is a method of computation which allows many calculations to be performed simultaneously, therefore speeding up data processing.

Google has three different parts, all of which are vital to the entire search sequence, from user to final search results. Those parts consist of:

  1. Googlebot (Google’s Web Crawler)
  2. Google’s Indexer
  3. Google’s Query Processor

Resources on How Google Works


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