New “Website Setup Wizard”

Raven has a lot of features, but that’s proven to be a double-edged sword. While the system is robust, it can also be difficult for new users to get started quickly. That’s a problem we’re very concerned about, because we want the user experience to be phenomenal from the beginning.

Website Setup WizardHaving user manuals and tutorials are good, but most people want to dive into the software. And let’s face it, nobody wants to read, they just want to go! That requires a user interface that is intuitive and simple. We’ve taken our first major step at addressing that need by developing a Website Setup Wizard.

When a user adds a new website to Raven, they have the opportunity to choose the search engines they want to track keywords with (using the SERP Tracker), and they can also optionally change the AdWords data that’s displayed for that website. Then they have the option to go directly into the the Website Setup Wizard or skip it entirely. Of course, skipping the Website Setup Wizard would be no fun at all!

The Website Setup Wizard makes it super easy to:

  • Automatically research and populate the tools with related keywords, competitors and inbound links
  • Automatically detect if Google Analytics (GA) is installed on the website and provide the ability to quickly authorize GA access for Raven
  • Quickly set up a scheduled report for Analytics and the SERP Tracker


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