Website Auction: Saying Goodbye To An Old Friend


Website Auction: Saying Goodbye To An Old Friend

There are a lot of websites for sale at any given time. Often times, webmasters will create new websites, stuff them with content (often stolen from other well performing websites) and then ramp up the traffic with unscrupulous traffic generating schemes. They do all of this in the attempt to sell it as a content rich, highly trafficked website to unsuspecting buyers. Those type of websites make up about 90%-95% of the sites that are currently up for sale.

Every now and then a golden egg appears. It’s a site that is mature, has tons of original content, has excellent coverage in the SERPs and makes steady passive income without any marketing schemes. That site is, which I’m intimately aware of. I’ve owned and grown for the past eleven years, but now it’s time to say goodbye.

I’ve left relatively unscathed by any type of search engine optimization and marketing techniques that would be outside of Google’s ToS. All of the backlinks to the website are naturally occurring and have been slowly added for the past eleven years. This website is basically a search engine marketer’s dream come true. It’s ripe for affiliate networks, PPC campaigns, text link ads, and much more. It is waiting to be monetized.

Why do I want to sell it? The site was originally created for altruistic reasons and goes back to a time when I was getting an education in counseling psychology and also had a part-time counseling practice. That’s a part of my life that I’ve been letting go of for several years, and is the last piece to go. I’m also wanting to sell it to invest the money into different things, like a new home.

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