WebDU 2007: SEO Down Under


WebDU 2007: SEO Down Under

The WebDU 2007 conference has been jam packed with excellent speakers, talented designers and fun events. Adobe has a very strong presence at this conference and many of the sessions touched base on many of their new and upcoming products like Apollo and CS3. I’m not allowed to talk about the new CS3 functionality, but I can talk about Apollo.

Apollo, which is the codename for the unnamed software, shows a lot of promise. Apollo allows you to make either Flash based or HTML/CSS/JS based applications that can run on any major OS. This is achieved through the use of Flex (a product that is reminiscent of VisualStudio) and WebKit, which is built into Apollo. Using the Apollo plugins for Flex, you can quickly and easily output cross platform hybrid Web/OS application in a matter of minutes. They gave real time examples which were quite impressive. They also showcased developers who are using Apollo out in the wild. The best showcase was an Apollo application called gTimer which is a very well designed time tracking program.

Aside from the presentations I attended, I also had the opportunity to present at the conference. My presentation was on “Optimizing Standards Based Websites for Search Engines.”

I met some brilliant people at the conference. Mark Davies introduced me to his colleague Chris Johnson (pictured above). They have a Web development company in Sydney called izilla. They showed me their historic office and gave me beer. Needless to say, they made a lifelong friend ;-)

I also met Dmitry Baranovskiy, an extremely talented developer who has created some fascinating technology showcases. My favorite showcase was his Pie Chart tool. The entire pie chart is dynamically created with JavaScript and you can rotate and change any part of the chart on the fly.

Dynamic Pie Chart

The other part of the conference involved some fun events, like a banquet and a low-brow technology showcase contest called WebJam. I had the opportunity to showcase a site that ended up being the runner up. What site did I present? Let’s just say that it’s NSFW and I will never tell you. What I will tell you is that I won some fine Australian wine!

I’m not sure if I’ll ever be back to Australia for WebDU, but I highly recommend it. It’s a world class Web design conference.

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