Web Directories And SEO


Web Directories And SEO

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about Web directories and their relationship to SEO. This can be seen in recent articles by Aaron Wall and Loren Baker.

Although Web directories have become as ubiquitous as AdSense spam pages, there are a few out there that are actually considered trusted sites by search engines like Google. It looks like Web directories that have kept high standards, and have been around for several years, can actually help websites that are trying to rank higher in search engines.

Best of the Web! (BOTW) is probably the best example. They’ve been around since 1994, and they have a Google PageRank of 7 out 10. BOTW has created trust with search engines, because they screen websites against their stringent term of service before they’re added to their directory. That helps keep spammy sites out of their directory, and assures that all websites have been checked by humans.


Of course, like most respected Web directories, getting listed in them isn’t free. BOTW costs $150 (one-time fee) to be listed, while others cost between $60-$90. The money spent on these Web directories appears to be well spent. Many websites have experienced jumps in their search engine results pages (SERPs) after registering their website with trusted web directories like BOTW.

Trusted Web Directories

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