Sayonara, Courtney! (Psst… We’re Hiring)

Sayonara, Courtney! (Psst… We’re Hiring)

Courtney SeiterIf you’ve ever asked @RavenTools a question, there’s a 95% probability that Courtney Seiter found you the answer. She’s definitely the person who created that funny pie chart about social media ROI that you liked on Facebook.

Today was Courtney’s last day at Raven.

The woman behind Raven’s social media marketing, monitoring and support — as well as our blog editor — is headed off to pursue a 100%-writing-all-the-time gig. We’re happy for her. We’re sad for us. But then we get happy again, because this means we have a job opening at Raven.

Actually, we have three job openings.

Those don’t come by very often.

We took this chance to reorganize a bit to build the most collaborative teams we could, all pointed toward a single goal. That goal? To make sure our customers have the software and education they need to look great.


We want an eager marketer with writing chops and SEO know-how to work on our marketing team.

We also want a couple of folks who understand the online marketing industry and love to teach to work on our customer education team.

All three must be helpful, friendly, productive and always, always thinking about customers.

Interested? We’re hiring for these positions in the next six weeks (or sooner). Look for specific job descriptions next week. In the meantime, email Arienne Holland, Raven’s Director of Marketing and Customer Experience, at

  • kristybolsinger

    Awww bon voyage Courtney :(

    • Courtney Seiter

      Thanks, Kristy! I am sure I’ll still see you around. :)

      • kristybolsinger

        I have no doubt :) Best wishes lady!!

  • Chris

    Good luck with the new endevaor Courtney!

    • Courtney Seiter

      Thanks, Chris! I appreciate that. :)

  • Megan Pritts

    Aww, I’m sad to see you go Courtney! I wish you the best in persuing your writing career! You are going to be awesome!

    • Courtney Seiter

      Thanks, Megan! We’ll still be Google+ buddies. ;)

  • Joe @ Whatcom Marketing

    Thank you, Courtney, for helping us get the most from Raven Tools. Good luck with your future endeavors. Our loss. -Joe Beaulaurier, Whatcom Marketing

    • Courtney Seiter

      I really appreciate that, Joe! I know everyone else at Raven will take great care of you!

  • Jeremy Rivera

    Good luck Courtney! You rocked the crap out of your job at Raven, I hope your new gig treats you like the G-dam rockstar/ninja/guru game changer that you are ;)

    • Courtney Seiter

      Hahaha! I will definitely let them know that you said so. :) I appreciate it, Jeremy.

  • Chris Handy

    Big Courtney fan here. I’ll miss the ravenous marketers penned by you.