Wanted: One great web designer to work at Raven

Wanted: One great web designer to work at Raven

We’re hiring again.

Raven’s talented Art Director Jeff Crump, who designed (and re-designed!) Raven’s marketing website, is now working on our product design full-time. Raven is busy releasing so many new tools (think real-time social media management tools), application improvements (think in-product Help screencasts like the one for Research Central) and user-friendly design features (think icon consistency for settings and tool options) that Jeff is an extremely busy man.

And that means Raven needs a new web designer. Here are a few details about who we’re looking for:

Raven Internet Marketing Tools wants to hire an exceptional Web Designer to work on our marketing team in Nashville, Tennessee.

If you are…

  • Innovative. You excel at user friendly, conversion focused web design… but you’ve noticed that every user-friendly, conversion-focused website is starting to look the same. You’re eager to design, launch, test, test, test and tweak original, sophisticated ideas. And you’re willing to do that anywhere online—from our website to our online display ads.
  • Knowledgeable. You keep up with usability design trends, the latest UX/UI research and semantic web ideas. Responsive design and progressive enhancement is your mantra.
  • Self-directed. From day one, you’re prepared to lead a project—and you’re experienced enough to know how to work within the team to be successful.
  • Interesting. Wearing quirky clothes doesn’t count.

…then we want to meet you.

Interested, or know someone who would be? Read more about this job—and other job openings at Raven—on our Jobs page.

And, of course, feel free to share this link. Everywhere.