Wal-Mart Officially Turns Search Marketing Into A Cheap Plastic Commodity


Wal-Mart Officially Turns Search Marketing Into A Cheap Plastic Commodity

There is an update to this story after the original article.

Sam's Club Online ServicesI never thought I’d see the day when a giant company that sells cheap plastic crap would turn search marketing into a cheap crappy service. Oh, but that day has come. Wal-Mart has launched a new service for search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) via Sam’s Club. The official name of the service is called Sam’s Club Online Services.

Packages start as low as $25/mo and include such amazing features as:

  • Profile creation tool with unlimited updates
  • Profile distribution to major search engines and online Yellow Page directories like YPGuides
  • Hand submission of your website URL to the major search engines and directories

From what I could gather from their major features, SEO is now all about the profile. What profile you ask? Good question. I wasn’t able to find anything on their website — other than an online form for more information — that would describe what this amazing Sam’s Club profile was all about. All I know is that I can make unlimited updates to it and that it will be distributed to major search engines. Sounds retarded amazing. I also get hand submission of my website URL to major search engines, which is funny, because I didn’t think that option even existed anymore. I’m pretty sure that Google won’t even put your site in their sandbox until they discover a link to your website on another website. Of course, if you insist on kickin’ it old school, you can spend all day doing your uber Wal-Mart-style SEO right here.

I have no doubt that these services are completely outsourced to overseas firms. I also have no doubt that the people doing this so-called hand submission have absolutely no idea what they’re doing in regards to SEO. Of course, there is a bright side to this type of cheap and useless crap. Not only will those companies get what they pay for, it will make my job easier to out perform any of them. Of course, the downside — of which there are many — is that their service will no doubt give SEO a bad name, hurting the industry as a whole by pushing selling their cheap plastic SEO services to the masses.

Update: Teri McCready of
360 Web Marketing did some snooping around (actually filled out their contact form) and posted what she found out on the SEO 2.0 Google Group.

Couldn’t resist filling out their lead form to find out what I’d get for
$25.00 a month. Looks like services are provided by LeadConnect,
http://leadconnect.innuity.com/. On the LeadConnect site it mentions local
search for $39.95/mo.

Her finding also sheds light on the infamous Profile. The profile is your business information (address, phone number, etc…). They submit it to local search engines and data providers — something that is hardly worth the cost per month, unless of course you have no clue how to do it yourself, which does seem to be their core audience.

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