Did You Know? View Data Trends in Google Analytics

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Did You Know? View Data Trends in Google Analytics

Sometimes the best data tells the simplest story.

That’s definitely the case with Raven’s trendlines, which we place over your Google Analytics data to allow you to get a quick overview of the direction your metrics are going.


When we launched the new Raven last year, we inadvertently disabled trendlines for a while. We heard how much you missed them right away, as bringing them back became one of our most highly requested features.

Now they’re here to stay. You can now toggle on or off the Page View Trendline and Visits Trendline from Campaign > Google Analytics. Here’s what it looks like.

Google Analytics trendline in Raven

Just select the options you want included in your graph and they’ll be rebuilt on the fly. Raven takes into account the rises and falls and shows the trend of the data based on averages. This is handy if you’re having a hard time seeing if metrics are generally ticking up or down over time.

Google Analytics trendline in Raven

In turn, this simple line can help you make decisions. For example, if you see a steady decrease in traffic over a number of months, it may be time to review your content or posting frequency.

We’re regularly polishing up Raven based on your feedback, so don’t hold back. Be sure to let us know what you’d love to see next!

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