Updates for Enterprise Management and a Big Summer Surprise


Updates for Enterprise Management and a Big Summer Surprise

We’re currently finishing up some highly requested features we’ve received from our agency and enterprise users. The updates include more fine grain access rights and profile limitations.

Account Admins will now be able to create Profile Admins, which will have admin-like capabilities, but only for the profiles they’ve been give access to. Account Admins will also be able to set limits on profiles. For example, they’ll be able to limit the amount of users and keywords that can be used within a profile.

We expect to push these updates within the next few weeks.

Summer Surprise

As more people continue to adopt the Raven platform for their Internet marketing needs, it enables us to innovate in ways we never thought possible. Also, thanks to key partnerships, like the one we have with MajesticSEO, we’re going to be creating incredible new tools and features. Site Finder was just scratching the surface of what we can now do.

With that being said, I’m really excited about a secret project we’ve been working on. We plan to debut it this summer and I think it will forever change how you research, monitor and report on site intelligence.

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    Don’t be such a tease. Spill the beans, you’ll feel better about yourself, trust me.