Did you know? Using Raven's global icons for team management and support

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Did you know? Using Raven’s global icons for team management and support

Perhaps you have heard us talk about global icons and you might wonder, what are those Raven folks talking about? Global icons are those six icons you see on the upper right corner of the page. They can be viewed and accessed from any page in the system, which is why we call them global.

So, what do these global icons do and what are they for?

The first three icons – located on the main navigation bar – will connect you to CRM, Task Manager and Messaging.


Raven's CRM Global Icon

If you click the first icon it will connect you directly to CRM. CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, allows you to manage contacts, keep track of any relationships that you have built throughout your campaigns, create contact-related tasks, and pull in leads. Since CRM is integrated with Link Manager and our social media tools, contacts or any related tasks are easily accessible.

Task Manager

Raven's Task Manager Global Icon

By clicking this checkmark icon, Raven will take you to the Task Manager. The Task Manager is the central location for any related system task. Not only can you view, create and delete system tasks but you also have access tasks added through your Basecamp account. To interact with Basecamp tasks, users are required to authorize their account in within Raven. This can be done by navigating to User Preferences (gear icon on the upper right corner of the page > Basecamp).


Raven's Messaging Global Icon

The last icon will connect your to Raven’s messaging system. Here, you are able to write system messages to other users and view your own. If you have Basecamp set up in Raven, you can view those messages as well. You’ll also find system notification alerts, such as link changes, social monitor and Textbroker, located here.

The second set of icons will connect you to Contextual Messages and our two support icons, Report a Bug and Help.

Contextual Messages

Raven's Contextual Messaging Icon

Using the contextual message icon will allow you to message other Raven users. It also allows you to send Basecamp messages, as long as your Basecamp account has been authotized in the system.

One of the nicest feature about contextual messaging is that by emailing a user or group of Raven users from a specific tool, they will then get a link of exactly what you are viewing in within the system.

Support Icon: Report a Bug

Report a bug in Raven Tools Icon

Click the “Report a Bug” icon to submit a ticket to our Support team. For additional help, you can also email us at support@raventools.com.

Support Icon: Help

Need help with Raven, Here's the Icon

The “Help’ button takes you to our Knowledge Base articles that offer more insight on how to use the tool or feature you’re on. For instance, if you are in the Link Manager and click the “Help” icon, a Link Manager-related help article will be displayed.

Got a feature or tool you’d like us to explore in a future “Did You Know?” post? Let us know in the comments!

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