Tune in today for 'Weapons of Mass Marketing'

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Tune in today for ‘Weapons of Mass Marketing’

Weapons of Mass Marketing Podcast brought to you by WebmasterRadio
Don't be fooled by the logo. This is serious business.
If you missed the first radio show starring Raven Tools’ Jon Henshaw and Taylor Pratt, you missed witty banter, occasional strange noises and info on the best tools to conduct an SEO Audit.

But it’s not too late for the witty banter and occasional strange noises. The boys are back for their second Weapons of Mass Marketing radio show. This time they’ll be talking about SEO Essentials for good code, as well as hosting and CMS. Tune in at 1 p.m. EST to WebmasterRadio.FM.

The first person to email Taylor Pratt with today’s secret word gets a free Raven water bottle.

“Weapons of Mass Marketing” airs on the first Tuesday of every month at 1 p.m. EST. Episodes are archived exclusively on WebmasterRadio.FM, and they are available on iTunes.

Arienne Holland is the Director of Marketing and Customer Experience at Raven. She divides her time between outreach, writing, teaching and understanding developers. Before Raven, Arienne spent more than a decade as an editor and graphic designer for Gannett. She was a 2010 Pulitzer Prize Finalist for team breaking news journalism. She likes bread, books and bourbon.

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