Raven Tools’ Top Blog Posts of 2013


Every year, I think I come a little closer to figuring out what makes marketers tick. And then I realize I have no idea.

Take this year’s top Raven blog posts, for example. Measured according to pageviews, our most popular content of 2013 is all over the map – everything from tools and metrics to advice and strategies to good old-fashioned rants.

But taking a closer look, I think what these posts have in common is usefulness. They all teach you how to do something better (or advise you not to do something at all), explain a process or opportunity or offer important tools or insights.

So while I still can’t figure out exactly how to make every post go viral, I can promise more quality and usefulness from the Raven blog in 2014. Meanwhile, if you missed any of top blog posts of 2013, catch up here!

10+ web tools for making quote photos

1. 10+ Web Tools for Making Quote Photos

What’s a word person to do in an image-crazy world? Make photos out of words, of course. Quotes and sayings are wildly popular on visual networks and can add life to even the densest blog posts. I set out to find the best web-based resources to help me make quote photos. These are the ten+ best tools for creating fast, easy and great-looking images from text for blog posts and social media. Read more…

Press Release Tips to Get You Noticed: 15 Journalists Tell You How

2. Press Release Tips to Get You Noticed: 15 Journalists Tell You How

We’ve all heard from plenty of PR geniuses about how to optimize your press release and pitch for your best chance at coverage, but it’s rare to hear from the journalists, bloggers and TV and radio producers themselves. We probed the minds and writings of newspaper, TV, radio and blog journalists from all over the United States for their press release tips — and pet peeves. Read more

How to do an SEO site audit like a boss

3. How to Do an SEO Site Audit Like a Boss

No matter how amazing your webmaster is, there’s a 99.9% chance your site will still have some search engine optimization problems. That can mean leaving money on the table when it comes to site traffic and conversions. That’s why we created our Site Auditor – so you can look like a hero when you find and fix significant site problems. Here’s everything you need to know to use Raven’s Site Auditor to audit like a boss. Read more…

48 tips for SEO newbies from 48 experienced SEOs

4. 48 Tips for SEO Newbies from 48 Experienced SEOs

We asked Raven’s Facebook Page fans, who are some seriously experienced SEOs, this question: “If someone new to SEO asked you for your BEST piece of advice, what would you say?” Everyone had tips for SEO newbies. A few themes emerged — educate yourself, pay attention to content, find another job. Which advice is most like your own? Read more…

Facebook Metrics: People Talking About This

5. Facebook Metrics: People Talking About This

For the grand finale of our Facebook Metrics miniseries, we’re tackling arguably the trickiest metric offered by Facebook: Talking About This. Talking About This is the fourth tab in Raven’s Facebook Metrics section, and it displays data in two sections: Who Is Talking About Your Page and How People Are Talking About Your Page. But before we get to that, we need to define the “Talking About This” metric. Read more…

8 writing triggers you should never ignore

6. 8 Writing Triggers You Should Never Ignore

A trigger is a thing that sparks a result. It activates a pattern. Though triggers are often described as negative things, they can be positive. And for writers, they can be positively essential. Here are eight common triggers you should never ignore. Read more…

Imaginative marketing with cinemagraphs

7. Imaginative Marketing with Cinemagraphs

There’s something about the emotion captured in an image that has fascinated us since the time of cave paintings. One art form with a surprisingly intense visual impact has arisen from the humble GIF: the cinemagraph. Now that Google is embracing the GIF, these mesmerizing images could be primed for the big time. Read more…

What Facebook Doesn’t Tell You About Pages to Watch

8. What Facebook Doesn’t Tell You About Pages to Watch

Facebook’s Pages to Watch is being touted as a way to “track the progress on any Pages you want to watch. You’ll see how many likes they get and receive tips on how to keep up.” It’s a pretty convenient way to see how you stack up against other pages in your industry. But here’s what they DON’T tell you when you start experimenting with this tool. Read more

Rankings Compared: Scraped Rankings vs Average Rankings

9.Rankings Compared: Scraped Rankings vs Average Rankings

There’s been a lot of debate lately about the necessity of ranking data and the validity of where that ranking data comes from. I wanted to write a balanced and honest look at the usefulness of rankings and compare the data that comes from Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) and scraped data that comes from providers like AuthorityLabs and Moz. Read more

3 Good Reasons Not To Use Animated GIFs in Emails

10. 3 Good Reasons Not To Use Animated GIFs in Emails

It’s hard to be an email marketer. Copywriters have to grab attention in cluttered inboxes. Designers have to keep attention despite compatibility issues that take coding right back to 1998. So it’s understandable that email marketers want to try something that seems fresh and fun, like animated GIFs. But here are three good reasons why not to. Read more…