Top 10 Reasons Why Digg Sux

Top 10 Reasons Why Digg Sux

10. Too many clicks

I have to click through too many pages to get to the story, and then I have to return to Digg to actually digg it. It’s partially solved with the Diggless RSS Feed, but that’s gotta hurt ad sales. Give us a real solution besides “skip intro”-style mouse accuracy tests.

9. Jumping Through Hoops

Once I’ve read a story, I have to return to Digg to provide feedback. Why bother if the story I read was just crap? This leaves voting to the vocal minority, who frequently fall somewhere between liars and posers.

8. No API

RSS doesn’t count. I need a way to interact with the data besides hacking and scraping. Then we could program our way out of the extra clicks, and make it easier to start flaming crappy posts.

7. Flames

While on the one hand it’s a little cumbersome for us working stiffs to provide feedback when it’s warranted, on the other hand it’s just fine for the less mature among us to start insulting, swearing, or repeating the word “sux” over and over. And that sux.

6. Google is not buying Sun

Just when I thought I was safe from irrational exuberance, day-trading, social-engineering, and Web 2.0 start converging into a wicked web of lies and deceit. Not to mention a total waste of time.

5. Too Much News

There can not be a newsworthy story every minute. Unless you consider faked pictures of a melted iPod newsworthy. In which case you’d love Digg.

4. Top 10 List of 10 Best Freeware App Lists for Mac OS X

OMG I’m so excited!!! Freeware must appeal to the same crowd that likes loosely factual news sites.

3. Cloud View

Why doesn’t everything have a Cloud view? Because that would sux! I can’t extract news from a Cloud any easier than I can read my soup. Life was made for lists, and vice versa. Leave Clouds for when they actually add value, like during a drought.

2. Giant Banner Ads

I thought we were done with these. The only way I’m going to click on a banner ad is if I get to punch a monkey. Contextual ads are so much sneakier and less distracting. I can’t imagine Digg can pay for hosting and staff with one giant leaderboard. So why bother with the ads at all?

1. This Story Got Dugg

WTF? This isn’t news, it’s Digg fodder. All I need is an affiliate link and it’s also a side business. Tada!

  • Dennis

    Great story. Especially on all of Digg’s ads, loops, and links and crap.