Tip Tuesday: CustomRank metrics

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Tip Tuesday: CustomRank metrics

Last week we introduced CustomRank, a proof of concept tool that allows you to set the weight for metrics of your choice to get a ranking score you feel is most relevant to you. In the last few days we’ve had some questions come in about the metrics we included to make up your overall CustomRank.

Here’s a run down:

CustomRank metrics

mozTrust — Quantifies the trustworthiness of a web page relative to all of the other web pages on the web. It is based on an algorithm developed by Yahoo! search engineers that is likely similar to the trust algorithms used by Google and Bing search engineers.

mozRank — Shows how popular a given web page is on the web. Pages with high mozRank scores tend to rank better. The more links to a given page, the more popular it becomes.

Page Authority
Page Authority — Predicts the likelihood of a single page to rank well, regardless of its content. The higher the Page Authority, the greater the potential for that individual page to rank.

Domain Authority
Domain Authority — Predicts how well a web page will rank on a domain. The higher the Domain Authority, the greater the potential for an individual page on that domain to rank well.

Domain Created
Domain created — The date the domain was registered, which may influence Google results.

Domain Expires
Domain expires — The date the domain is scheduled to expire, which also may influence Google results.

Alexa Rank
Alexa Rank — Represents the approximate number of web sites in the world that have the popularity higher than the given site.

DMOZ listed
Dmoz listed — A multilingual open content directory of World Wide Web links.

Load Time
Load timeGoogle uses site speed in its ranking algorithms.

We hope you like playing with CustomRank, and think it will be very useful to you to create your own quality scores. As always, we love to hear feedback, so feel free to let us know what you think.

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