Tip Tuesday: YouTube

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Tip Tuesday: YouTube

Last week Raven released a YouTube monitoring and reporting tool to compliment the other social media tools in our arsenal.

“That’s awesome news, Alison,” you may be saying, “But how in the heck do we set it up and actually use it?”

I’m glad you asked!

Add a YouTube account

Select the Profile and Website you’d like to associate the YouTube account with, then navigate to Social —> YouTube and click on “Add YouTube Account.”

This will take you out to YouTube to authorize the account in question. Once you sign in with your YouTube credentials, select “Allow Access.” Clicking on that will send you back to Raven, where you will see that your YouTube account is now available for monitoring and reporting.

Unfortunately, for the first three days, you’ll get this particular message:

Yes, we know it’s a bummer, but there are certain limitations with YouTube’s API.


Once the three-day period has passed, you will be able to see three different metrics: Views, Subscribers and Traffic from youtube.com to your website (if you have Google Analytics enabled).

Underneath the Daily Upload Views chart, you’ll see information on all of the videos for the YouTube account.

For each YouTube account, you can also view more detailed statistics for up to 10 individual videos, including views, unique views, comments and favorites. First you must click the “Start” link in the Monitoring column. Then, click “View” to see more detailed statistics.


You can produce a quick PDF report on the fly from just about any page in the Raven system, including the bottom of both the main YouTube view, and any individual video view.

If you would like to add YouTube data to a more robust report with other data from within Raven, you can add two different modules to a report built in the Report Wizard: YouTube Summary and YouTube Video.

Just remember to select the appropriate information, such as the account or video that you want to report on. If you do not, your report will be blank.

If you have any other questions about the new YouTube tool, give us a shout at support@raventools.com.

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Alison Groves was the former User Evangelist for Raven Internet Marketing Tools.

More about Alison Groves | @RavenAlison

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  • http://www.iostudio.com Kelly Stewart

    This is great! YouTube’s built-in reports are pretty crappy and we always find ourselves exporting CSV files and creating our own reports. Keep up the good work!