Tip Tuesday: Using Profiles in Raven

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Tip Tuesday: Using Profiles in Raven

Profiles are the best way to organize workflow and Websites within Raven Tools. You could set up a Profile for each client, a Profile for each team member, a Profile for each department — any way you would like to organize your information.

Add a new Profile

At the top right of every page in Raven Tools, there are two drop-down menus. The far right menu contains the Profiles associated with your account, and the menu to the left of it contains the websites you’re managing with each Profile. To add a new Profile, click on the profile menu, and then select “Add New Profile.”

Name the new Profile

You can name a Profile anything you wish. In this example, my Profile will contain all of the sites for which I’m personally responsible.

Add a Website

After you create a new Profile, you will be prompted to add a Website. You can add a new Website, or you can move a Website inside another profile to your new profile (explained further below).

How to move an existing Website to a different Profile

If you have an existing Website that you want to move to the new Profile, you can move it (without losing any data) from the Website Settings page. From the menu, go to Dashboard > Website Settings, and at the bottom of the page is the option to move it to another profile on your account.

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