Tip Tuesday: Use tags to organize keywords

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Tip Tuesday: Use tags to organize keywords

Many Raven Tools users have a high number of keywords that they are tracking ranking results for, even just for one website. When it comes to reporting those rankings to your client or boss, a lot can get buried in the volume. Using tags is a great way to group certain keywords for not just easy viewing in Raven Tools SERP Tracker, but also for reporting.

Tagging keywords in SERP Tracker is easy. All you need to do is click on the “tag” link next to any keyword. Use any name for the tag that makes sense for the group. You can add as many tags as you’d like for any given keyword.

Create Tags in the Raven Tools SERP Tracker

Once you’ve added a tag, you’ll see it in the drop-down menu in the right corner of the SERP Tracker, and you can filter by any of the tags you’ve assigned.

Sort Tags in the Raven Tools SERP Tracker

If you want to report on just certain keyword tags, you can set that filter when building a report with the Raven Tools Report Wizard. You can also select more than one module to report on multiple tags.

Report Tags in the Raven Tools Report Wizard

Tagging is a really simple feature, but one that could make your life so much easier.

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