Tip Tuesday: Team Link Building with Raven Tools

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Tip Tuesday: Team Link Building with Raven Tools

For many of us, there is more than one cook in the link building kitchen. Link building with multiple people generally is inefficient, and as a result, reduces the amount of time those people could be spending building even more links or some other value-added online marketing effort.

Raven provides link building teams with a variety of tools to maximize efficiency and collaboration.

Link Manager

The Raven Tools Link Manager acts as a database of all of the links you’ve acquired and are targeting in your campaign. Your entire team is able to view and work with the same database of links. Because you can set a link status (queued, requested, active, declined or ignored) for each link, your team can easily see which links still need to be created and which ones are already taken care of.

Link Records

Link Records store details behind each link you’ve added to the Link Manager. This information includes everything from the anchor text you’re targeting for that link to the team member who is in charge of requesting and managing that link.

Links and websites can be categorized by a type (e.g. “blog comment” for a link, or “blog” for a website). For more precise records, you can even create your own category types (e.g. “travel blog comment” for a link or “travel blog” for a website).

Assigning Links

Find a link that you want someone to acquire immediately? Raven allows you to easily assign a link to any team member. You can even set a due date and a priority level for each link.

Link Monitoring

One of the most time consuming, tedious tasks of link building is consistently rechecking links you have acquired to see if they are now active or still in place. With the Raven Tools Link Monitoring system, links can be automatically checked each month to see if they are now active or if the value of the link has changed. Raven can alert you if the site you acquired a link from has changed the anchor text of your link, moved the link, added more links to the page or anything else that might effect the value of your link.

Duplicate Links

Raven Tools helps you avoid duplicating link building efforts by alerting you if someone on your team has already added a link from a website. Raven will tell you which of your websites already have a link from the domain, the status of those links and who on your team is associated with the links.

Contact Manager

Every time you fill out contact information for a link record, Raven Tools automatically adds that contact to the Contact Manager. The Contact Manager is a database of every contact you have added to Raven across your entire account. Raven will display each website the contact is associated with, any links you have from that contact, the status of those links and who on your team has acquired links from them. This way, when you approach the contact for another link, you’ll know who on your team should reach out to them — and you can remind them that you’ve done business with them in the past.

Link Research

Raven also provides you with the tools you need to research new links. Raven’s Site Finder tool allows you to enter any keyword you are targeting links for and will scan the top 10 Google results and analyze their backlinks. Using MajesticSEO’s ACRANK and SEOmoz’s mozRank and Page Authority algorithms, Raven then analyzes the links and organizes them by a quality score. The quality score is designed to help you figure out which links will provide you with the highest value.

Raven’s Backlink Explorer allows you to analyze the backlinks of any domain and sort them by ACRANK. Backlink Explorer will also let you know if the link is encased within an image or if there is a nofollow tag applied to the link so you can quickly decide if it is worth targeting or not.

These are just a few of the ways Raven Tools can help your team manage link building efforts. It’s always helpful to dive in, collaborate with your team, and see what works best for you.

Alison Groves is the User Evangelist for Raven Internet Marketing Tools. She helps make the things that make dreams take flight. She likes sports, yelling, and yelling at sports.

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