Tip Tuesday: Reports are sales tools, too!

Tip Tuesday: Reports are sales tools, too!

If you provide Internet marketing services, a good chunk of your time probably is spent preparing for meetings with prospective clients. If you could walk into a meeting with a concise look at how you can help bolster the prospective client’s online presence, that can go a long way into helping you secure the job. In minutes, Raven can help you produce a report to show to your potential client to convince them that you’re the right (wo)man for the job.


Ten minutes with the various research tools within Raven can give not only you, but also your potential client, a current look at where they are in the online space. Then you can build a dialog around where you think they should be—and how you can help them get there.

Research Assistant. Run the potential client’s domain through the Research Assistant for a benchmark of where they are now before you start to work on the project. Run Research Assistant reports for their competitors for more insight.

Domain Research

Quality and Design Analyzer. Both tools show you a score that rates the current health of a website. It explains each factor in simple sentences, and the Design Analyzer also offers great tips for onsite changes that could be made.

Semantic Structure

SERP Tracker. Identify what you think would be their Top 10 keywords, and enter them into SERP Tracker. If you have time, you can let them run for a few weeks and show fluctuation in rankings. This gives you a great baseline to present what you could bring to the table.



Once you have researched where the client is in the online landscape currently, you can build a one-of-a-kind branded report to present them all of this data at your initial meeting. Here’s how:

1. Go to Reports > Report Wizard

Report Wizard

2. Fill in report details.

You can name the report anything you like, select the brand template of your choice and set the date range. For this particular type of report, you will probably want to choose “custom date range.”

New Report

3. Select data sets of your choice.

This is where you can choose exactly what you’d like to include in the report for the potential client. If you would like to include a summary, you can add it separately, or even include it with the individual sections.

Report Options

4. Select the individual metrics you want to include.

For example, you’ll need to tell the report exactly what domain research you want to include from the Quality Analyzer.

Quality Analyzer report

5. Select “Run Report.”

This will compile the report for you and will prompt you to save it as a PDF.

Run Report

Have any stories you’d like to share of using a report compiled with Raven to help you land a new client? Or how about a new job, just like Adam? I would love to hear from you. It’s always fun to hear about the different and inventive ways people are using Raven.

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