Tip Tuesday: Ordering content with Textbroker

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Tip Tuesday: Ordering content with Textbroker

Keyword targeted, original content is an essential component for most SEO campaigns. While many search engine optimizers require content in all of their SEO strategies, many struggle to create it.

Fortunately, there are content writing services like Textbroker. They have a giant pool of talented writers who are accustomed to writing keyword-centric copy, with a quick turnaround time.

When we used to be a services company, Textbroker was one of the main content writing companies we used to produce articles and blog entries for our clients. A typical order from us would include a request for 20 articles, which we would spread out over one month — posting one article on the client’s blog each week day.

With our new Textbroker integration, you can now order content, review and edit it, then publish it to your blog, all directly from Raven.

How to order original content

We used Textbroker’s API to streamline its ordering process in Raven, so ordering content would be as effortless as possible.

Navigate to the “Order Article” form

Hover over the Content tab and click on the Textbroker option.

Textbroker Tab Option in Raven

Click on the Order Article link.

Order Article in Raven

Enter content order details

The first step is to choose a category for the article(s). The category list is the same fixed category list that Textbroker uses.

Article Categories

After you pick a category, enter your desired article title. If you want to order more than one article, click on the Add More Articles link, and enter the title(s) for the additional article(s).

Article Titles

All orders require at least one target keyword. While you can enter as many keywords as you want, we recommend submitting between one to three keywords for the writer to focus on.

Target Keywords

Use the Order Description to clarify how you want the article(s) written. Be as descriptive as possible.

Order Description

Each order must include a minimum and maximum word count.

Word Count

When you’re happy with your order details, click on the Order Article button. After you click on the button, your order will be submitted. You will be notified via e-mail when your content is ready for your review.

Manage ordered content

After you approve the content, it will be saved in Raven’s Content Manager. You can then analyze and edit your content in preparation for publishing.

Publish content to a blog

If you’ve added a WordPress blog to the Blog Manager, you can easily schedule or immediately publish the article to the blog.

Send to Blog

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