Tip Tuesday: Link building with the Firefox Toolbar

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Tip Tuesday: Link building with the Firefox Toolbar

I once worked on link building campaigns for travel websites. At the time, I found the Raven Firefox Toolbar most useful for adding link records, and I still think think it’s the biggest workhorse of the Toolbar.

If you are using Raven for your link building efforts and haven’t started using the Toolbar, here’s a quick rundown on how it can enhance your link building efforts:

Link research

I have two favorite aspects of link building with the Toolbar. One is that you can work with Raven without actually being within the Raven system itself. Once you install the Toolbar, you can access several Raven tools from wherever you are on the web. For example, if you’re browsing online doing research on potential sites to reach out to and request links, all you need to do is click on the “Add Link” button in the Firefox Toolbar to start the link building process.

You’ll get a pop up window that either will alert you that one of your team members has already built a link to this site, or it will take you straight to a blank link record to allow you to begin the process from there. Then there’s my second favorite thing about link building with the Toolbar: the system will autofill as much information as it can, such as Website URL.

You can edit all of the same options with the Toolbar that you can within Raven’s Link Manager. Once you click “Save,” your link record is saved and you can come back to it within Raven at any time.

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