Tip Tuesday: How to Pause Search Engine Tracking

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Tip Tuesday: How to Pause Search Engine Tracking

Still wondering what Raven Tools is doing about the Yahoo!/Bing merger? Our Product Manager Jon Henshaw wrote about this when the merger was announced a few weeks ago, and since then we made an enhancement to the system. This enhancement puts you more in control of your ranking results usage if you decide you want to stop receiving results from a certain search engine — but you don’t want to lose historial data.

How it works

Under the Ranking tab, there is an area for Search Engines. Once selected, it will show you all of the search engines for which you are currently tracking rankings.
SERP Tracker Search Engines
In the past this was just a list of all of the available search engines, with a box next to each to make your selection. Now, you’ll see a nice chart with the engine, country of origin, status of the engine and your options. If you would like to pause a search engine, such as Yahoo!, all you need to do is click “pause.”
Pause SERP Tracker Search Engines
Instead of just deleting all of the historical ranking data you have associated with your keywords, pausing the search engine will keep all of that data intact yet not count that search engine towards your ranking results usage as you go forward.

We strive to make Raven as flexible as possible. I hope you find the new option useful.

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