Tip Tuesday: How To Assign Blog Comment Tasks

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Tip Tuesday: How To Assign Blog Comment Tasks

A few days ago I was chatting with a buddy who said, “I wish Raven had a way to assign responding to a blog post to someone else in the organization.”

We didn’t build Raven Tools with this specific function in mind, but we did build it to be as flexible as possible. With a little creative thinking, you can get more from Raven than you thought.

Here are a few ideas for that specific example:

Use the Raven Toolbar

Firefox Raven Toolbar
With the Firefox Raven Toolbar, you can easily use Raven Tools without actually being in the system. You can swap profiles, websites and run research on the fly, and, in the category of “very important,” you can add a link to the Link Manager. So say you come across a blog post you want someone else on your team to comment on. Just click on the “add link” button in the Raven Toolbar to assign the task to another team member.
Assign Task with Raven Tools

Manage Your Tasks

You can view all tasks assigned to you in the Tasks section. Once you have left the blog comment, mark the task “completed.”
Edit Task with Raven Tools

Report On Your Activity

You can report on all requested and active links in the system. If you’d like to let your boss or client know how many active links you have for a specific date range — including blog comments — it’s simple to compile that data into a branded report.
Raven Tools Link Building Report

If you use Raven Tools in a creative way, big or small, we’d love to hear about it!

Alison Groves is the User Evangelist for Raven Internet Marketing Tools. She helps make the things that make dreams take flight. She likes sports, yelling, and yelling at sports.

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