Tip Tuesday: How (and where!) to search in Raven

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Tip Tuesday: How (and where!) to search in Raven

Yesterday we announced an enhancement that allows you to quickly filter and search through all of the data that you have in Raven. We know that you could have thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of pieces of data in the system, and quickly finding what you’re looking for makes your life easier and more efficient.

Currently, you can find our new and updated search in the following areas:

Keyword Manager

If you are looking for a particular keyword or tag, just begin typing it into the search field. The system will return any keyword or tag that matches your query, and you can select the item of your choice. From there, you just need to hit the “search” button, and it will take you directly to the data you were looking for.

If you’d like to exclude terms, you can do that as well. Just begin your search with a “-” symbol, and you can filter out anything you would like to from your search.

Competitor Manager

Here, you can begin typing what you’re searching for, and it will return any competitor domains or tags that fall within your query. This is extremely helpful if you have more than 10 competitors for one website, making it easy to quickly search for the exact competitor you were looking for.

Event Manager

The Event Manager is a great way to set benchmarks and denote actions you have taken within a campaign. One use we pointed out last week would be creating an event to mark Google’s algorithm changes, but you could use this feature to mark any sort of event and see that action in various different places throughout Raven. With the new search feature, you can easily search through the events and tags you have within the particular tool.

Link Manager

If you participate in a lot of link building, and you’re managing that entire process within Raven, the amount of data in the Link Manager can seem daunting. With the new auto-complete search in the Link Manager, you can quickly find websites that you’ve already added to Raven if should you want to jump right to the link records you’re looking for.

SERP Tracker

No matter how many keywords you’re tracking in SERP Tracker, you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for. Want to exclude a particular brand name or phrase? Just put the “-” in front of the term and exclude that from your search.

This brand new component of Raven is a work in progress, and in the weeks to come we’ll be adding different operators to the search filter to help you drill down even further to find exactly the right data you’re looking for. If there is a particular search filter you’d like to perform, as always, you can send any feature requests to support@raventools.com.

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